The coronavirus is beginning to disrupt the games industry, as the Chinese government takes strict preventative measures.
With the number of total infections exceeding 28,000, and the latest confirmed death toll at 563, the international health community is working to find a vaccine.
Only time will tell how severely the games industry is impacted by the virus, but the Chinese government has extended the Lunar New Year holiday to February 10, closing down all business and factories.
As reported by Reuters, the virus has already caused a delay with Nintendo Switch production which CEO Shuntaro Furukawa described as an "unavoidable.".
Nintendo relocated some of its console production to Vietnam last year amid the brewing Sino-US trade war, but still relies heavily on its locations in China.
Game development is also being affected, with large swathes of the games industry relying on Chinese subsidiaries or work-for-hire studios for asset production.
Ken Rumph, an analyst for investment banking group Jefferies, estimated the disruption caused will see development schedules fall behind if it extends much further.