Ever since checkra1nís release in November, iOS devices with an A11 or older SoC became hackable on the latest firmware since the checkm8 exploit it uses is hardware-based and unpatchable. However, the community has had one major gripe with checkra1n which was its exclusivity to macOS but that has just changed since its long-awaited Linux port is finally here!
You can finally jailbreak your iOS 13 device without owning a Mac or running Hackintosh on your PC which is more difficult than it sounds on certain hardware!

Earlier today, checkra1n 0.9.8 was released and this includes:

  • Support for Linux on 32/64-bit x86 and ARM platforms meaning that it can even run on your Raspberry Pi!

  • Support for iOS 13.3.1 which is the current version of iOS
  • An option has been added which lets you jailbreak iOS versions that checkra1n isnít officially compatible with
    • This option is usually needed when Apple releases a new version of iOS and checkra1n isnít updated yet. Itís also useful for those on beta versions of iOS

  • A new CLI has been introduced with support for fast DFU, the ability to set custom boot-args and a Ėversion flag
  • Low-Level patching is now done by pongoOS

  • Many bug fixes & webra1n (web-based GUI for headless solutions)

You can grab checkra1n from its official website by selecting the platform of your choice.