NX-Controller, by wwwwwwzx, is composed of a sysmodule and application that let you connect to your hacked Switch via WiFi and transmit keyboard inputs to it.

These inputs are in turn read as controller presses mapped to a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller so you can effectively play any title you want with it although not all will work well as FPS games are probably unplayable for most until mouse support gets added. However, some RPG titles may work just fine especially if they’re 2D because you needn’t bother with changing the camera’s angle.
This solution is composed of main two parts, which all need to be downloaded and installed, namely:

  • Sys-botbase, a sys-module by olliz0r, letting you read/write to the Switch’s main memory and run scripts
  • The NXController application which is a client for Windows, Linux and Mac with which you connect to your Switch
  • You may need to install ldm_mitm if you want to use it with games such Pokemon Sword & Shield which use local WiFi.

To learn more about NX-Controller which was initially released on Sunday and received an update on Monday, follow this link to its GBATemp Thread which also contains installation instructions.