Microsoft has revealed a few new details surrounding the Xbox Series X.
In an Xbox Wire post, Xbox head Phil Spencer today said "the next console generation will be defined by more playing and less waiting," and some of the Series X features were designed with that in mind.
For example, the system will have a Quick Resume feature that lets players have multiple games in a suspended state for a near-instant return to action. Like the Xbox One X, the Series X will also support HDMI 2.1, which will let the console automatically set the connected TV or monitor to the mode with the lowest latency and synchronize refresh rates between the display and the game. Spencer also listed previously announced features like the system's SSD storage, 120 frames per second support, and optimized wireless communications with the controller as contributing to a focus on instant immersion.
Under the hood, Spencer said the Series X will have 12 teraflops of GPU performance. That's twice the Xbox One X's total and more than eight times the original Xbox One's capabilities.