Xbox boss Phil Spencer believes the industry needs to be more transparent about its problems, if it is to properly address the negative perceptions of those on the "outside looking in."
Spencer's comments were part of a long conversation with Insomniac Games founder Ted Price, who also hosts the Game Maker's Notebook, the official podcast for the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences.
In terms of tackling major issues like fighting toxicity, promoting diversity, and moving towards a healthier working culture, Spencer said he is "very happy with the progress that we all have made jointly."
However, he also acknowledged a tendency to avoid speaking openly and publicly about mistakes, including at conferences like DICE, where Price and Spencer had their conversation.
"One of the things that I used to love about DICE, and I don't see it as much any more... is kinda doing the post-mortem on the big game or the big experience, and what did we learn," Spencer said.
"It wasn't always pretty -- standing up and being unafraid to talk about what went well, where you thought you were gonna go, and where you landed."