With more people in China and greater Asia choosing or needing to stay inside during the coronavirus outbreak, there has been an increased interest in home activities. Demand for Nintendo's fitness game Ring Fit Adventure is said to have soared. User spending in certain categories of mobile apps -- including games -- has also surged, as people have kept themselves busy while exercising safety precautions.
Revenue and download growth

Sensor Tower Store Intelligence estimates show that games revenue on the Chinese App Store during January 2020 increased by 36% compared to January 2019. The number of downloads also grew, rising by 38% year-on-year.
In January 2020, the Chinese App Store -- not including third-party Android stores -- generated more than 31% of global games revenue for the month, the largest share of any country. It also accounted for close to 24% of all App Store game downloads worldwide, just behind the US with 26%.
In fact, downloads for games in China during both January and February 2020 were at the highest level since July 2018.