As the PlayStation Vita is more or less an open book when it come to modding commercial games, numerous individuals have taken a jab at creating their own mods and now, Reddit user ‘Dasutein‘ has released a PC voices mod for Trails Of Cold Steel I and II.
The Trails of Cold Steel titles received pretty good reviews when they were released and the series has quite a good fan base! (Image Source)

These pretty popular games, which form part of the JRPG genre, were originally released in 2013 and 2014 respectively in Japan and 2 years later in Europe for the PS3/Vita with later releases for Windows PCs and the PlayStation 4. This means that the PlayStation Vita is the only way to play these titles natively in a portable manner unless you have some form of Windows hybrid device with physical controls and now, Dasutein mod has made the Vita port even better.
From comments left by Dasutein on Reddit, this mod brings about 5000 extra English voice clips to both titles from the PC version. This results in the main character, Rean, speaking in many more scenes as the PC version has more voiced scenes than the PSVita and PS3 ports when it comes to the English version. Some of the scenes that received voices in the PC version can be found in .
To read more about the mod and grab it for yourself, follow this link to its Reddit Thread (MEGA and Magnet Links available). Installation instructions are included in the README.txt file included with the mod.