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Thread: CLR-DEV9 v0.8.7

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    Default CLR-DEV9 v0.8.7

    CLR-DEV9 v0.8.7 is released. CLR-DEV9 is a Dev9 Plugin for PCSX2 Written in C#. Based on PCSX2's Dev9 plugin. This plugin will use sockets instead of Tap or WinPcap, which will hopefully eliminate most configuration issues most users face when setting up.

    To connect using this plugin;
    Copy the plugin file into the plugin directory in PCSX2
    Launch PCSX2, Click Config>Plugins/BIOS Selector, on the window that appears click "Plugins"
    Click the dropdown box next to DEV9 and select "CLR DEV9 Test", then click apply.
    Click Ok on the plugin selection window.
    Set "Auto" to IP/DNS/Gateway Settings in the PS2 Netconfig menus.

    CLR-DEV9 v0.8.7 Changelog:
    Fix another with UDP ports for LAN games
    Fix crash when DNS2 is set to with specific games

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