The UK government has ordered all non-essential retail outlets to close down for at least three weeks in order to limit the spread of COVID-19.
In a televised address last night, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said stores that are not essential to daily life, such as supermarkets and health shops, must shut to deter people from making unnecessary trips into town centres where they may contract the virus or transmit it to others.
Most video games retailers had already committed to such measures before the official guidance, and have made it clear on their websites that their High Street branches are closed for the foreseeable future.
Leading specialist Game confirms it is currently operating a normal online service, but has temporarily closed all its stores. This weekend, it confirmed the temporary closure of all Belong arenas.
Game parent Sports Digital had previously declared its intentions to stay open, given the government's allowance for people to go out and exercise once per day during this period of strict social distancing.
However, the BBC reports it has since altered this stance, promising to stay closed until the government approves. Bicycle shops, many of which are themed around fitness like Sports Direct, are included on a list of government-defined essential retailers.
In a statement on its website yesterday, UK retailer CEX confirmed it has temporarily closed all of its corporate-owned stores as of yesterday and will operate an online-only service going forward.