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Thread: Sony doesn't see pandemic affecting PS5 launch

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    Default Sony doesn't see pandemic affecting PS5 launch

    The global pandemic is creating uncertainty for a host of businesses, but Sony today said that it hasn't changed too much for PlayStation just yet.
    As reported by Bloomberg, a Sony spokesperson said the company doesn't expect the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) to have any notable impact on the PlayStation 5 launch later this year.
    Beyond that, Sony also released a statement today saying it believes COVID-19 will have no material impact on its gaming business for current fiscal year, which ends this coming Tuesday, March 31.
    While it hasn't seen any issues with software delays to date, the company said it is keeping an eye on production schedules for first-party and partner studios, "primarily in the Europe and the US."
    However, a number of Sony's other businesses have already felt the pinch, with cancelled concerts and theater shutdowns affecting its music and movie businesses, respectively.
    Sony's electronics products segment has also been hurt by retail closures, supply chain instability, and factory shutdowns.

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    Due to this Pandemic, I think hardly any sales, because 1/2 of the people who work, are going to lose there jobs, so will NOT be buying anything, let alone a PS5.

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