Bungie believes Google Stadia is the best solution for testing games while its staff are working remotely -- a vital aspect of staying productive during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.
Speaking to IGN, Bungie COO Patrick O'Kelley discussed the Seattle-based company's response to the outbreak of COVID-19.
Being located in Washington state, Bungie was prepared for short periods of remote work due to being "in an earthquake zone" and in a climate where heavy snow could make travel difficult.
However, the potentially long period of remote work required during the pandemic means that every aspect of game development must be replicated.
"We've set up these beefy laptops -- we call them developer-grade laptops -- for people to work from home so they've been working really, really hard to get those set up so that we have that basically full-on, workstation capability at home for people," O'Kelley said.
"So that's been one of the hardest things -- literally just getting a couple hundred of these machines set up for people to take home."
"It's going to be a great way for us to keep getting regular playtests and do it pretty easily"
Patrick O'Kelley
For playtesting -- a crucial part of operating a live-service game like Destiny 2 -- Bungie landed on an unexpected solution.