Newly released for the Pandora Console

Arkos Tracker 2 The ultimate musical tool for Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, ZX Spectrum, MSX, Oric, Apple 2, Vectrex and Sharp MZ-700. Arkos Tracker 2 is the evolution of STarKos (an Amstrad CPC Tracker) and Arkos Tracker 1 (A Windows-only Tracker), but improves them greatly. Some features: * Cross-platform (Windows, Linux, Mac). * Manage both standard PSG sound and samples without any distinction! * Support of AY-3-8912 and YM2149F. * Unlimited PSG count! You can create standard 3-channel songs, or 6, 9, 32 or more if you want! * 4 columns of effects per channel, including Arpeggio (via a table or inline value), Pitch, slide, glide, change Arpeggio/Pitch/Instrument speed, etc. * Import from MIDI, AKS (Arkos Tracker 1), SKS (STarKos), 128 (BSCís Soundtrakker), WYZ (Wyz Tracker), MOD, VT2 (Vortex Tracker 2), CHP (Chipínísfx). * 4 players, from versatile to extremely fast, or slower but less memory-consuming. * Support of specific hardware: PlayCity (CPC), Spectrum TurboSound, SpecNext, MSX Darky and MSX FPGA (AKY player only). * Real-time communication with your hardware possible, to listen or compose just like on the real thing! * Sound effect support, shared among songs. * ROM players available: no more auto-modifying code, a small buffer is used. * Exports can be assembly sources or binaries: it makes it easy to integrate the songs in your production. * Sources can be converted to any assembler. * Each PSG can have its own frequency (including custom ones). * Replay rate from 12Hz to 300Hz, or custom. * A song is composed of sub-songs, all sharing the same instruments. Helps you save even more memory! * All the limitations of past AY/YM trackers are blown to pieces with Arkos Tracker 2! The software is currently in alpha version. Main limitations: * No copy/paste/undo/redo everywhere (but present in the Pattern Viewer).

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