For those who have a PlayStation 3 that canít do CFW (min FW of 3.60 or above), they neednít fear not being able to hack their console thanks to PS3HEN. This hacking solution gives numerous CFW-like features such as allowing one to run homebrew and use backup managers meaning that it allows one to get the most out of their noCFW console.
Less than 24 hours ago, PS3HEN 3.0.1 was released which comes with the following:

  • Support for HFW 4.86(.1)
    • This is Hybrid Firmware with an exploitable browser that can be installed over OFW 4.86

  • Some COBRA PS3MAPI changes with 3 added functions including:
    • ps3mapi_process_page_allocate
    • ps3mapi_get_process_module_info
    • ps3mapi_create_process_thread

  • Itís now possible to write to some previously protected memory regions

You may read more about PS3HEN and find installation instructions by heading to its page on PSX-Place which is actively maintained by @esc0rtd3w whoís a major force behind the hacking solution.