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Thread: Blu-ray adoption outpaces DVD

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    ps3 Blu-ray adoption outpaces DVD

    via Games Industry

    Singulus has revealed that consumers are adopting Blu-ray faster than they did DVD, with the company having received 21 orders for Blu-ray dual-layer machines in the first quarter.

    The information was revealed to shareholders at the technology manufacturer's Annual General Meeting of the Singulus Technologies in Frankfurt and directly contradicted claims by Microsoft's Robbie Bach that consumers were hesitant to upgrade to Blu-ray.

    "This means that the orders for Blu-ray in the first year of the dual layer technology already by far exceeded the volume at the start of the DVD eleven years ago with 17 machines," said Stefan A Baustert, CEO of Singulus.

    Blu-ray became the standard high definition format after Toshiba's decision to end its HD DVD business earlier this year. The announcement by Toshiba was then followed by Microsoft's decision to end production of the HD DVD player for Xbox 360.

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    Well like life things evolve, all the instincts we have for technology become like this in the end, its just when its said in words your like huh! yeah! I knew this would happen lol nice read though thanks, and as for 360 going blu ray? who didn`t see it coming? uh! MONEY! invest, oh! and btw don't drink n drive, ive read else where about 360 going blu ray, yeah! microsoft burn! sony will rise! lol japanese are ahead of technology don`t forget it!
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