As more and more people are stuck inside due to the spread of COVID-19, those who already play video games actively are increasing their playing time, social play, and spend.
Nielsen has shared data from a survey of 3,000 active gamers, defined as those who had owned at least a PC, PS4, Xbox One, and/or Nintendo Switch, play games at least one hour per week on average, and had purchased at least one game in the last six months. The survey covered the US, France, the UK, and Germany.
Of those, at least 20% of active regular game players in each country are now playing games even more often specifically because of COVID-19.
This is especially true in the US, where 45% are playing more frequently, with 38% of gamers in France saying they were playing more, and the UK with 29%.
Understandably, there have also been increases in playing with friends online rather than in-person. 29% of those surveyed in the US are playing online with others more often because of COVID-19.