• In 1996 Alton Towers opened a new themed area called Storybook Land. A huge part of this new family area would be a large animatronic bookworm, that would go on to entertain millions of guests at the park. After the area closed at the end of 2013, I managed to acquire this piece of Alton Towers history. But unfortunately the park had let the Bookworm fall into disrepair, meaning it would take a huge amount of work to restore. In this exciting series I'll be showing the long, but meaningful journey of restoring this classic piece of Alton Towers history.

    In episode 1 I take a look back at the history of the Alton Towers Bookworm. Along with taking a look back at the construction of Storybook Land, I also discuss the many changes that were made to the area throughout the years. I later explain how I managed to acquire the Bookworm, and also talk about how big of a project this was going to be!