For those who arenít in the loop, AutoBleem is one of the major hacking solutions for the PlayStation Classic together with RetroBoot & Project Eris and itís touted as a quicker solution for hacking your PlayStation Classic without requiring configuration from a PC while still providing a good deal of potential. According to its release post on AutoBleemís website, AutoBleem 0.9 comes with:

  • Its own Linux kernel which comes with:
    • Support for USB OTG, RNDIS and Ethernet
    • Experimental support for Bluetooth letting you use wireless controllers
    • The ability to interface with common file systems like NTFS and exFAT
    • Easy WiFi setup and the facility to auto-connect to a network on boot
    • Itís important to note that AutoBleemís kernel flasher will not flash the AutoBleem kernel if you have BleemSyncís or Project Erisí kernel installed on your PlayStation Classic so you must uninstall these first

  • Thanks to internet support, AutoBleem can now automatically set the current date & time
    • The PlayStation 1 Game Carousel now displays the last time a game was played provided you have your date & time set

  • In the Bluetooth department, the Switch Pro controller and the GameSir G3s controller are confirmed to work although the DualShock 3/4 arenít fully stable at the moment

  • RetroBoot 1.1 is now built into AutoBleem which comes with not only the latest version of RetroArch (1.8.5) but it also comes with EmulationStation!
  • Some other software namely AmiBerry, OpenBor, DOOM, Wolfenstein 3D, Tyrian, Prince of Persia & Duke Nukem 3D is includedIf all you got your PlayStation Classic for was retro console emulation, then make sure you install the latest version of RetroBoot which comes with RetroArch 1.8.5, EmulationStation & more!

Moving over to RetroBoot, which is the hacking solution of choice if you simply want to play retro games on your PlayStation Classic, version 1.1 packs a decent deal of punch including:

  • As mentioned above, RetroBoot now comes with EmulationStation which is a RetroArch alternative
    • Itís important to check EmulationStationís ROM structure in the included README

  • The inclusion of RetroArch 1.8.5 which comes with new display scaling options together with new colour themes for Ozone and XMB; obviously, new/updated cores are included as well
    • Assets, databases and configurations for this have also been updated

  • Support for Project Erisí *.mod packages
    • These are to be placed in a folder called ĎRB_PATCHí on the root of your pendrive and they get installed when you load up RetroBoot

  • Experimental RNDIS/Telnet support has been axed in favour of the newly-released AutoBleem kernel mentioned above

You may read more about AutoBleem 0.9 and grab it by following this link (only the MEGA links appears to be working at the moment). More information can about RetroBoot 1.1 can be found on its Reddit Release Thread together with download links.