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I am proud to bring you the first Vita homebrew game capable of rendering at the highest possible resolution of 1920x1080.

vitaQuake runs smoothly at 60 FPS at 1920x1080 with overclocking. In addition, 1280x720 is possible if you prefer to use 720p HDMI mode for the PSTV, and 1440x1080 is also possible for a classic 4:3 Quake experience.


Hardware accelerated GPU rendering
Native 1920x1080 resolution
MSAA 2x and MSAA 4x support
Dual analogs support
Native IME for inputing commands/text
Sounds and Musics (CDTracks) support in OGG, MP3, WAV formats
Gyroscope and touchscreen support for camera movement
Custom arguments support and mods support
Support for both official missionpacks
Support for transparent surfaces (.alpha and .renderamt)
Increased Quake Engine limits (max vertices, max entities, max static entities, etc...)
LAN Multiplayer support (locale and online)
AdHoc Multiplayer support
ProQuake net protocol support
Savegames fully working
Support for colored lights with .lit files support
Support for Half-Life BSP
Supprt for BSP2 and 2BSP formats
Smooth animations thanks to interpolation techniques
Crosshair and custom crosshairs support
Mirrors support
Specular mode support
Fog support
Cel Shading support
Bilinear filtering support
Dynamic shadows support
Several different improvements in the renderer quality
Several different miscellaneous features (eg: transparent statusbar, benchmark feature, working gamma, etc...)
Map downloader support if you try to join an online server and you don't own the running map,146.0.html