There has arguably never been a more perfect moment for virtual reality. Not only has VR just received its first truly bona-fide exclusive blockbuster in the form of Half-Life: Alyx, it also stumbled into a moment in history when literally billions of people are truly feeling the core appeal of "going to exotic places without leaving your home" more deeply than ever.
Almost a million new people registered with SteamVR, Valve's storefront for VR games, in April. To put that in context, the 950,000 people who signed up in April bring the all-time total to around 2.7 million, meaning that a third of all SteamVR users registered in the past month alone.
There's another piece of context that's important, of course, which is that 2.7 million isn't actually a whole lot of users for an entire market segment served by competing hardware offerings from some of the world's biggest gaming companies. It is still somewhere in the region of 2% of Steam's overall user base, suggesting that the uptake of VR headsets by PC gamers is actually somewhat lower, proportionally, than the uptake by PS4 gamers.