Last October, EA gave a point-by-point outline of its plans for releases throughout fiscal 2021, including ongoing live service games, a new sports title, games from third-party partners, and a lot of Apex Legends.
It was also, as recently as January of this year, still very lukewarm on bringing more of its games to the Nintendo Switch.
But now, with the publisher's fiscal 2020 solidly in the rearview, EA has offered an update on its upcoming release slate of titles, which has shifted somewhat since it first laid things out in October.
For one, EA appears to have relaxed somewhat on its Switch stance, noting that it would launch "multiple" titles on Nintendo's platform this year -- Burnout Paradise: Remastered making just one.
Alongside Burnout Paradise, EA also already has announced Command & Conquer: Remastered for PC, with both titles currently planned for June 2020. And in Q2 and Q3, annual sports titles FIFA 21, Madden NFL 21, and NHL 21 are all still on track.
So far, all that is in line with what we've been led to expect so far based on the October remarks. Also still in the plans for the year is Medal of Honor VR, and that as-yet-unannounced fourth sports title.
So what's changed? Back in October, EA outlined that it was planning to have two unannounced projects from third-party partners. That number has now been upped to four, presumably additions to the EA Originals indie program.
And then there are two upcoming, unannounced mobile titles as well.