• As many expected, Nintendo is likely going after the recently released fanmade Super Mario 64 PC port. After gaining notoriety and popularity throughout the internet, certain YouTube videos and Reddit posts featuring gameplay recordings of the port have been copyright claimed. It appears that Wildwood Law Group LLC, a group that has previously assisted Nintendo in these matters, is responsible for going after the uploads of the game. Not only that, but TorrentFreak is also reporting that they got ahold of a complaint that Nintendo filed with Google, in regards to a Google Drive download link of the game, with the statement, "The copyrighted work is Nintendo's Super Mario 64 video game, including the audio-visual work, software, and fictional character depictions covered by U.S. Copyright Reg No. PA[REDACED]." Links containing a download to an .XCI Nintendo Switch port of the game also appear to have begun making the rounds as well. Seeing that the group behind the Super Mario 64 PC port uploaded the complete game online all at once, many users have probably already backed it up to a variety of sources.