• While the opening of Super Nintendo World might not be as soon as some may have hoped, due to the ongoing COVID-19 problem delaying the Tokyo 2020 Olympics--the park's planned opening window, the construction of the new park is certainly coming along despite that. An Instagram user has captured an aerial shot of the theme park, giving an idea of the scale of some of the attractions, and what the area will look like when it does open. In the past, a handful of select photographs were taken from above hovering outside the park, showing off an under-construction level flagpole surrounded by walls obscuring everything else below. In this latest picture, we get to see all sorts of attractions, like Princess Peach's castle, Bowser's own castle, pyramids, warp pipes, and other details. It's not clear when Univeral Studios' Super Nintendo World will be open to the public, but the date might not be that far off.