• Another update to the never-ending Joy-Con drift debacle sees the class action lawsuit brought up against Nintendo dropped by the US District Court of Illinois. The case, filed by Zachary Vergara, began last year in small claims court, in hopes of bypassing the requirement to arbitrate the dispute. The case was later brought to a federal court, where Nintendo defended themselves by claiming that any consumer that purchases their hardware agrees to their end-user license, which protects them from such lawsuits and instead requires legal disputes to go through full arbitration. The judge presiding over the case came to the conclusion that Vergara must take his lawsuit to an arbitrator to confirm if his case can go through federal court, or if Nintendo's EULA requires full arbitration. While Nintendo won out in this instance, the judge told Vergara that he can bring his case back to court should the arbitrator decide that the Joy-Con lawsuit doesn't have a need for arbitration.

    An Illinois man must arbitrate his claim that Nintendo of America Inc. sold defective controllers with its Switch game systems, a federal court in the state said Thursday.

    Zachary Vergara entered into a valid arbitration agreement with Nintendo, and whether his claim falls within its scope is for an arbitrator to decide, the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois said.
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