• With the discovery of the TegraRCM exploit that allowed homebrew enthusiasts to run unsigned code on it, Nintendo responded by releasing new Nintendo Switch units codenamed 'Mariko'. While at first glance this newer model is barely distinguishable from the older one (save for the flashy all-in-red box), it features a better battery life and slightly altered CPU instructions to help with power management and consumption.

    However this was at a cost as the boot ROM bug that allowed homebrew enthusiasts and tinkerers to tamper with their switches was fixed for good. This of course upset many owners of the newer Switch iterations, and left people wondering whether or not they could ever enjoy homebrew on their 'Mariko' Switches in the future.

    That future might not be too far away as developer @SciresM has successfully managed to dump the keys of the firmware on said units. In his YouTube video he showcases how this process was achieved: