If there was one thing missing from last week's excellent PlayStation 5 reveal -- you know, aside from the price -- it was the big third-party publishers.
Take-Two was there, but Electronic Arts, Ubisoft and Activision were entirely absent. And although we broadly know what to expect from them, their games will inevitably be some of the biggest reasons to invest in a new platform.
Last night, EA showed us its plans for the future. There were a few surprising EA Originals titles, and Skate is making a comeback, but broadly it's what we've come to expect from EA -- sports, shooters, RPGs and Star Wars. Yet alongside all of that there was a lot more going on. Throughout the presentation, there were signs of an EA that's thinking not just about new machines, but a world where subscriptions and streaming have a significant presence, where loot boxes are less prevalent, and cross-play between platforms is the norm.