Whenever I see a new game announcement, I find myself obsessing over its commercial potential rather than its artistic merit. It can actually spoil things a bit. I remember watching the surprise announcements of Shenmue 3, Metroid Prime 4 and Beyond Good & Evil 2. Here were three sequel to games I love, which were all greeted by screams of excitement at E3... and yet I had to fight the business journalist cynic in me, who was hell bent on tweeting: "There's a reason it's taken so long for these sequels, and it's not because the publisher hates money."
Upon saying that, the reverse can sometimes happen, where I get excited about things that leave most gamers cold. Do you remember Sony's ill-fated Wonderbook? The augmented reality PlayStation 3 IP, which launched with an interactive Harry Potter project called Book of Spells? I was so enamoured with its potential it was my game of the show back at E3 2012 -- proof that I don't always get it right.