The Australian games industry brought in total revenues of $3.16 billion in 2019, seeing its first decline in value since 2012.
In a report published by the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association, the trade body says that the success of Fortnite driving sales in 2018 was simply unmatchable by 2019's releases, causing an overall 10% decline in the regional market.
Boxed retail sales were down 21%, reaching $928 million in 2019. Broken down, hardware reached $332 million (down 23%), software was at $425 million (down 18%), and accessories were at $170 million (down 26%).
Meanwhile, overall digital sales were down 6% to $2.69 billion, with all digital games sales accounting for $1.4 billion of the total and down 8%. Mobile revenue accounted for another $1 billion, down 10% year-over-year.