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Thread: MEGA 8 - May 1993 (UK)

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    Default MEGA 8 - May 1993 (UK)

    This week, Nreive is back with another issue of MEGA. This time we return to May of 1993 with issue 8.
    We begin with the review for Battletoads by Rare, which was ported from the NES to the Mega Drive by Arc System Works.
    Next up we have a timeless arcade classic and this Mega DC version did the arcade game proud. We are talking about none other than Final Fight CD on the Mega CD by Capcom.
    Following in their footsteps is Konami with the arcade port of Sunset Riders. And to close off out preview section for this magazine we look at another Konami classic: Tiny Toons Adventure.

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    After reading this comment, I remembered that I myself once played consoles. I still have Dandy on my shelf. You might be asking why I stopped playing, because it's so much fun. And I will answer you: I discovered a new occupation for myself, I bet on sports. Many people ask me for advice, I usually throw this article (look at this now). By the way, I bought myself everything I need a long time ago, but now I just travel and do charity work. Good Luck.

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