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Thread: Since launching four years ago today, Pokémon Go has grossed $3.6bn

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    Default Since launching four years ago today, Pokémon Go has grossed $3.6bn

    Global player spending in Niantic's chart-topping Pokémon Go has surpassed $3.6 billion since launching four years ago today.
    That's according to mobile intelligence firm Sensor Tower, which found that the augmented reality smartphone game continues leading the pack.
    Despite some modest competition in the location-based mobile sphere from Dragon Quest Walk by Square Enix in Japan -- which has grossed $540 million since launching in September 2019 -- Pokémon Go far outshines similar titles.
    Jurassic World Alive from Ludia has grossed $76.5 million in over two years, while Let's Hunt Monsters from Tencent has generated close to $70 million on iOS in China

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    Pokemon Go? 4 Years? It almost feels like yesterday that it launched. Not that it intrigued me, I still prefer the console series. I guess I must still be old fashioned but I don't quite buy into Pokemon on mobile phone gaming.

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