The US Army esports team is preparing to return to Twitch, and will be reinstating a number of accounts it has previously banned from its channel.
As reported by Motherboard Vice, accounts are being reinstated for viewers who were banned for asking about United States war crimes in chat -- a practice it received widespread criticism for, including from the ACLU.
It was also instructed by Twitch to cease offering certain giveaways in its viewer chat that, when clicked on, turned out to not be giveaways, but recruitment forms.
"The U.S. Army eSports Team is reinstating access for accounts previously banned for harassing and degrading behavior on its Twitch stream," the Army said in a statement to Vice.
"The team is reviewing and clarifying its policies and procedures for the stream and will provide all who have been banned the opportunity to participate in the space as long as they follow the team's guidelines."
So far, the Army has not yet resumed streaming, and it appears that at least some users are still banned -- including Jordan Uhl, who partnered with the Knight Institute to demand the US Army stop banning individuals who spoke up about US war crimes.