Facebook has announced that it will begin to require users to log into Oculus VR devices using Facebook accounts beginning in October of 2020.
In a tweet today from the Oculus account, the company explained existing users would be able to merge their Oculus and Facebook accounts, and those who opted out of merging them would be able to continue to use their Oculus accounts for another two years.
However, Facebook will end support for Oculus accounts after January 1, 2023, and those who do not wish to use Facebook accounts to log in will not be able to use the "full functionality" of their Oculus devices.
"We will take steps to allow you to keep using content you have purchased, though we expect some games and apps may no longer work," reads a post on the Oculus blog giving more details on the change.
"This could be because they include features that require a Facebook account or because a developer has chosen to no longer support the app or game you purchased."
Also, all future Oculus devices will require Facebook accounts.