2020 has been a difficult year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and that has been especially true for smaller charities, such as Everyone Can.
Formerly known as the Aidis Trust, Everyone Can is a national charity that helps disabled people through the use of assistive technology. The charity offers services across the UK, such as one-on-one assessments, which help disabled individuals "control their home environment, communicate, and live their lives with as much ease and independence as possible."
"We help disabled people to break down barriers through training and assistive technology," says Nikki Jones, fundraising officer for Everyone Can. "Things like communicating -- some disabled people can't do that. They don't have the luxury of being able to talk, turning on the lights in their house, using a PC, using a mobile phone... Anything that their disability holds them back from, we look at ways that technology can help them."
Although Everyone Can has been around since 1975 -- its first assessment was for a typewriter -- over the last two years it has started putting more of an emphasis on assisting disabled gamers, after recognizing a growing demand for the service. According to the Family Resources Survey 2018/2019, there are 14.1 million disabled people living in the UK -- that's more than one in five. Many of these individuals would like to play video games, but often lack the equipment or adaptive technology to do so. This is where Everyone Can step in.