As Rinnegatamante regularly shares his progress on Twitter, it is no secret that he’s been working on getting GTA: VC to work on the PlayStation Vita with efforts dating back to at least October 23rd. Like the GTA III port on the console, the GTA: VC port is based upon the re3 engine but on the ‘miami’ branch rather than on the ‘master’ branch.
Before one gets their hopes up though, it is important to state that the re3 ‘miami’ branch, or reVC as some are calling it, is still WIP meaning that GTA VC’s game engine isn’t fully implemented yet despite being pretty close to GTA III’s. As a result, current porting efforts to both the Nintendo Switch (reVC-nx) and the PlayStation Vita (re3-miami-vita) need to wait on the folks working on the re3 engine itself before providing a proper GTA VC experience.
What is the current status of GTA VC on the PSVita?

The most recent developments show that GTA: VC on the Vita is running pretty well but the engine it’s based on needs to be finished first! (Tweet)
As per a recent tweet by Rinnegatamante, his efforts in porting the currently-unfinished ‘miami’ branch of re3 seem to be going pretty well. Thanks to a temporary solution he’s been able to devise for stuttering issues & freezes, Grand Theft Auto Vice City is currently running at around 30-40FPS on the PSVita which might be a tad better than the recently released GTA 3 port.