As the PSVita had much more success in Japan than in Europe/North America, a swath of titles were released only in Japan with them never receiving an English version. However, a good deal of these titles received an English localisation sometime after their initial Japanese release for other platforms such as the PlayStation 4 and PC which allowed for the creation of numerous English translation patches making more games available to Western audiences.
Now, yet another title has received the English translation patch treatment and this time, its Zanki Zero with Nightwinter creating the patch! For those who have never heard of the game, Zanki Zero (: Last Beginning) is a dungeon crawling game featuring 8 individuals stranded on an island after Earth was destroyed. The title was originally released back in 2018 in Japan with PS4/PC English localisations following in mid-2019. Moving over to English translation patch, its creator mentions the following important information: