Moving over to a homebrew release, VitaHEX is at it yet again and this time around, HEX-Flow Launcher has been released publicly! As its name suggests, HEX-Flow Launcher is a Lua-based homebrew utility allowing one to browse the games (or apps) they have installed on their PSVita using a coverflow-esque interface while also launching them. The launcher also allows one to view game details and to sort by category among some other things!
In order to put in cover photos for your favourite games, you can simply copy PNG images within “ux0:/data/HexFlow/COVERS/PSVITA/” with a filename that either matches the game’s TITLEID or name. The launcher’s background is also customisable by copying a ‘Background.jpg[/png]’ file within “ux0:/data/HexFlow/”. A resolution of 256×256 and 1280×720 (or smaller) is suggested for the cover photos and custom background respectively
You may read more about HEX-Flow Launcher by following this link to its GBATemp Thread which also contains download links.