Having originally been released in late 2013, the PlayStation 4 is still going strong when it comes to support from Sony despite the PlayStation 5ís release not being too far off with a release set for mid-November. Now, the console has received its 8th major update which brings along a decent arsenal of changes which include:

  • New avatars from numerous popular PS4 titles including God Of War, The Last Of Us Part II & Uncharted 4
  • The Party & Messages functionality has been revamped which includes UI changes
    • Party & Messages will use the same Groups of players for both Party voice chats and messaging rather than having separate groups for each application

  • It is now possible to mute all microphones from the Quick Menu accessed by long-pressing the PS button
    • Apparently, muting works in a different manner now because before FW 8.00, muting a player meant that neither of you could hear each other. With FW 8.00, muting someone only mutes the other person on your end but NOT on their end!

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