A new PS5 report warns of putting the PlayStation console in rest mode. Since release yesterday, PlayStation users have been reporting various issues with the PS5, which like the Xbox Series X, hasn't had the smoothest launch. For example, the PS5 has been freezing on players while they play some of the console's launch games, like Demon's Souls, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and Marvel' Spider-Man: Miles Morales. For now, it remains unclear how prevalent this issue or what's causing it, but apparently it's not the only freezing issue inflicting the piece of new next-gen hardware.

Over on a "PS5 Help Thread" on Reddit, multiple users have been reporting issues with putting their PS5 consoles in rest mode, with most citing an issue when specifically putting the console in rest mode while running a game. Meanwhile, Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann also recently reported the same issue, noting it happened a few times while running Marvel's Spider-Man: Remastered.
On popular video game forum Reset Era, one user added to all of this noting that a GameStop employee warned them about putting the console in rest mode, though it's unclear if this is because GameStop has been tipped off by Sony about the issue or because this specific employee has been reading about issues with rest mode on the Internet like the rest of us have.

At the moment of publishing, we haven't had any issue with putting our PS5 consoles in rest mode, but it seems like many have. Remove anonymous Reddit and Reset Era users from the equation, many members of the press and influencers have been having issues with the PS5 freezing, and a bulk of these issues stem around putting the console in rest mode.