Connecting DualShock 3 & DualShock 4 controllers to the PlayStation Vita is nothing new thanks to xerpi’s ds3vita/ds4vita and TheFlow’s MiniVitaTV but now, a new plugin having to do with these beloved controllers is on the bloc. This plugin is ds34vita which combines ds3vita & ds4vita together with some improvements of its own!

What is ds34vita?

As its name suggests, ds34vita is a plugin by MERLev that merges two plugins by xerpi, namely ds3vita and ds4vita while adding some of its features and improvements.

Fancy playing games with a friend on your PSVita? ds34vita has you covered although you should also give MiniVitaTV a look as it offers similar functionality!

For the uninitiated, ds3vita and ds4vita do exactly what their name implies which is allowing one to connect DualShock 3 and DualShock 4 controllers respectively to a PlayStation Vita console.

Going back to ds34vita, this plugin combines the aforementioned plugins into one together with:

Allowing you to connect 2 controllers simultaneously – no information on controller configurations was given and I can’t personally test it as I don’t have 2 DS3/DS4 controllers
A dead-zone for the touch panel was introduced
PlayStation TV-style button mapping