The ECC posted a great aerial view of Vekoma’s new “Top Gun” model coaster set up at the Fantawild Jiangxi park in China. According to the original plans this will be the biggest of three coasters in the park, with the other two being a Vekoma Family Boomerang and a small Wacky Worm style coaster. The plan was to open the park in 2020, but it has not yet opened and after all the chaos of 2020, I’m sure the timeline may still be a little fluid.
According to RCDB, the Fantawild chain of parks has actually bought four of these Top Gun model coasters, with a second one that was also supposed to open in 2020 at Fantawild Ningbo (a second gate next to the original park in Ningbo) and the other two versions are slated to open in 2022 at new Fantawild parks in Kunming and Huai’an.
Aerial view of Vekoma's new Top Gun Launch Coaster, opening this year at Fantawild Jiangxi, in China.#Vekoma #Rollercoasters