Released last Friday for Patreon backers and due November 20th for the rest of the public, Cemu 1.22.0 packs in a significant deal of punch as it includes:

  • A re-working of the PowerPC and Cafe OS threading mechanism
    • The existing single/dual/triple-core CPU modes have been replaced by a Single-core and Multi-core mode with the latter making use of one full CPU thread while dynamically adjusting load on two other threads.
    • Thanks to the reworking, overhead has been reduced resulting in minor performance boosts while some titles like Super Mario 3D World that are not multi-threaded should not be as heavy on the host CPU

  • The PM4 Command Processor has been updated with promises of up to a 5% performance boost in games

Combined, the above changes could provide boosts of around 5% or more in the best-case scenario meaning that if there are any titles that almost run well but not quite on your machine, you should give them another go!