Star Fox Exploration Showcase has had some updates recently, but none as big as this!

Fixed 1-4 Meteor (Spider) Boss lockup
Fixed ending sequence lockup
Changed Shipnum counter to Shape name
Readded Titania to the BOSS BGM test. Sorry Prof Hangar, you’re always having problems!
Out of this Dimension planet icon is always on the screen (requested)
Out of this Dimension now leads to black hole when complete, no more bad ending! (requested)
Bombs in god mode can now be throw consecutively, and they each go off by themselves (requested)
Added 14 new weapons including the God Gun #99 which oneshot kills everything and some objects as well.
Added single and dual shots for the new weapons, toggle with (Hold R+Press SELECT)
Added ship name to on-screen display
Added key shortcut to turn off on-screen display (Hold B+Press X)
Readded HUD elements
Added “God Nukes” - only while in god mode, (Hold R+press A) use to kill everything on screen (requested)
Added Quick Ending to levels, press start during fanfare to skip to the end of it. (requested)
If you haven’t tried this hack out yet, what are you waiting for?