The United States Department of Justice has released the ruling regarding the case against Ryan Hernandez, also known as RyanRocks. Earlier this year, the 21-year-old defendant was accused of and plead guilty to possessing over a thousand videos and images of child pornography, as well as stealing confidential information from Nintendo and distributing it to the public. This was not Hernandez's first offense--in 2016, when he was a minor, he had successfully phished the log in information from a Nintendo employee and used it to obtain documents and images about the Nintendo NX prior to its official reveal as the Nintendo Switch. This led to the FBI getting involved, to which they informed Hernandez that they knew of his activities, and advised him to not break the law again.

Hernandez did not listen, and proceeded to hack directly into Nintendo's servers in 2018 and 2019, even publicly showing off his skills to others on social media. Once more, the FBI visited his home in June 2019, arresting Hernandez after seizing his computers and hard drives, finding hundreds of stolen Nintendo documents and "over a thousand" explicit pictures and videos of minors. During his hearing in January 2020, Hernandez plead guilty to both counts, and today, he has been sentenced to three years in a prison designed for inmates "with cognitive challenges".

Ryan Hernandez sentenced to 3 years in prison after hacking Nintendo and possessing illegal images | - The Independent Video Game Community