Trove’s merriest event is upon us and brings new mysteries, rewards, and beautifully decorated world. Feast your eyes on the Hub that is now a winter wonderland and share the joy with us in Snowfest until December 29.
Deep within Delves, our adventurers have discovered a novel material: the Subzero Shadowflakes! Where do they come from? What can you do with them? And why do they taste bitter on your tongue? In the newest edition of Snowfest, it’s up to you to grab your gear and delve into the depths to find out!
Your supportive spirit shall not go unnoticed. In exchange for helping your fellow Trovians with the festive preparations, you’ll receive Snowfest Seals. These little coins can be turned into mounts or Frosty Treasure Boxes for wonderful winter-themed rewards.

Spread the Joyous Spirit in Trove’s Snowfest Event - Xbox Wire