The Game Awards' audience grew 84% year-on-year, reaching over 83 million livestreams for its 2020 edition, which took place last week.
At the peak of the event, there were 8.3 million concurrent viewers worldwide (compared to 7.5 million in 2019), as the year-end celebration was streamed across 40 different networks. Twitch alone accounted for 2.63 million concurrent viewers globally at its peak, which is more than double compared to last year. Viewership also doubled on YouTube, though The Game Awards didn't disclose exact numbers, and saw a 84% increase year-on-year in terms of concurrent viewers.
9,000 content creators were co-streaming the show, a 91% increase year-on-year, with the 2019 edition having been co-streamed by 4,700 people.
Live hours watched also rose 129% across Twitch, YouTube and Facebook Gaming, according to Stream Hatchet. The announcement also highlighted that the event was particularly followed in China this year.

The Game Awards sets new viewership record with 83m livestreams |