VICEVita is a Commodore 64 emulator for the PlayStation Vita created by developer Ďammierí based upon the multi-platform VICE emulator. From time to time, its developer pushes out updates to this already-polished emulator and yesterday, VICEVita 1.2 was released which brings along:

  • The ability to load games from uma0: which is a partition often present when using an official Vita memory card together with a microSD card
  • The file browser now remembers the last directory visited
  • A sliding keyboard has been implemented
  • Menu button actions have been modified and fast access to a driveís ZIP folder has been added
  • Some bug fixes including fixing a crash when one attaches an empty disk image to a drive

VICEVita 1.2 GitHub Release Page:

Switch & Vita releases: Atmosphere 0.16.2 released with minor fixes & improvements + VICEVita 1.2 is out for the Vita giving a better Commodore 64 emulation experience! -