Whenever a new PlayStation 4 firmware gets hacked, Linux Loader usually ends up being ported quite quickly as running Linux distributions can prove quite useful. Thankfully, firmware 7.02 is no exception as @mircoho just updated Linux Loader for this recently hacked firmware.
Linux Loader ported to FW 7.02

Fancy messing around with Linux on your FW 7.02 PS4 this Christmas? If so, @mircoho has you covered! (Tweet)

Continuing the trend of homebrew, utilities and payloads being updated for FW 7.02, Twitter user @Cedsaill2 reported that Linux Loader was ported to the newly-hacked Firmware 7.02 under 24 hours ago. As per a tweet announcing the release of Linux Loader for FW 7.02, @Cedsaill2 mentions that the individual behind the FW 7.02 port was @mircoho while also providing download links for the payload in .bin format allowing one to run Linux on their hacked PlayStation 4 console. This download link can be found below in the “Conclusion” section.

PlayStation 4: Linux Loader now ported to FW 7.02 thanks to @mircoho - Wololo.net