The 42nd official version for Atmosphère, version 0.17.0, is now available from @SciresM . While it comes with several updates, the most significant one is the Fusée support for Mariko units. The developer notes that Fusée was heavily rewritten in order to add support this hardware but also points out that Mariko hardware currently have no software exploits. Fusée works when loaded from bootloader context with the right keys in the security engine. Fusée-primary was also updated in the 0.17.0 version.

This update also fixes an issue with Erista hardware in the way shutdown is performed and reduces power drain on these consoles from within Atmosphère. The full changelog since the last release can be found below:

  • fusee was heavily rewritten in order to add support for Mariko hardware.
    • Please Note: Mariko hardware currently has no (and may not ever have any) software exploits; fusee works when loaded from bootloader context with the right keys in the security engine. No means of getting the system into this state is provided.

  • An issue was fixed in the way shutdown was performed on Erista hardware.
    • This fixes an issue that caused OFW to black screen on boot after power off from atmosphere without first doing a reboot.
    • This also substantially improves power drain when the system is shut off; consoles powered off from Atmosphere should now drain battery at the same reduced rate as original firmware.

  • A number of minor changes were made, including:
    • A number of inconsistencies in the build system were fixed.
      • For those building atmosphère at home, the boot sysmodule will no longer rebuild every time make is invoked.
      • This substantially improves build times during development iteration.

    • sm was updated to more accurately reflect how official code manages request deferral.
    • mesosphère was updated to more accurately reflect official kernel management of the trace buffer.
    • mesosphère was updated to improve kernel loader's logic by taking advantage of the assumption that we only boot our kernel, not Nintendo's.

  • As it has been a few months with zero reported issues, mesosphère is now opt-out.
    • Users who wish to begin using or continue using mesosphere should use the standard/cool kids zip ("atmosphere-").
    • Users who wish to opt-out of mesosphere should download and extract the opt-out zip ("atmosphere-WITHOUT_MESOSPHERE-").

  • Several issues were fixed, and usability and stability were improved.

You can grab Atmosphère 0.17.0 via the official GitHub page linked below.

Atmosphère GitHub Page