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Thread: Review: AirForm EVA NDSL Rubber Case

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    NDS Review: AirForm EVA NDSL Rubber Case

    AirForm EVA NDSL Rubber Case Review

    I do not know who makes this case, because 1, it sold sort of a cheap china product and doesnt really have a brand on it, and 2 I cant read chinese...

    ================================================== ===================

    So I was looking for a case for my DS Lite that was similar to the Logitech Play Gear Pocket for my PSP which if anyone doesnt know it sort of an destructible case that absorbs impact and protect the PSP against scratches.

    The DS however does not have such a poduct, only cheap cases and these little plastic covers that will not protect from dropping the DS and are poorly made. So I came accross this little case on amazon for $14 and saw it had some fetures I wanted and some storage space and decided to give it a shot.
    (I know there cheaper on DX but if I wanted to wait a month for my product as well as the poor "engrish" and bad customer service against the 2 days I received my product I would have went to DX instead...)

    ================================================== ===================

    The packaging wasnt exactly great, was covered in Chinese, which I didnt understand a lick of.

    (And apprently from the back this case is fire proof and nuclear waste resistant from the pictures on the back of the box??? lol, I wouldnt place bets on that one... )

    Just some cardboard holding it in the package.
    Nothing strange, cheaply packed. Was glad that the metal DSL logo had an anti scratch piece of plastic over it, many people complained about their having scratches, mine didnt.

    ================================================== ===================

    It unzips fairly easy doesnt get stuck.
    The DSL fits snug inside and protects it when closed, even glad about the storage space which I use to store my extra expansion pak (rumble pack from my M3 Real) since my GBA expansion pak is always in my DS.
    Could even store things like headphones in there and a USB reader for the MicroSD card, you get the deal.
    I dont think it has enough room for the charger, never tried...

    A top view of the case...

    and a bottom view...

    and a few inside view of the case...

    Overall very good fit, nothing out of place.

    One thing I did like was the flap, which holds DS carts, and extra pen for the touch screen and protects the DS from the stuff in the storage pouch. was very nice.

    One bad thing though...
    the smell
    I do not know why all these cheap china products smell so bad, it goes away after a while but still...
    it stinks...

    ================================================== ===================

    This DS Lite case is pretty good for protecting a DS Lite and for people like me who dont keep things like this in their pocket, I just throw it in my backpack along with my PSP in its Play Gear Pocket and everything is good, protects it without getting scratches all over it.
    I would recommend this case to anyone looking for protection for their DSL.
    ================================================== ===================

    • Protects the DSL very good for rubber
    • Some storage space for carts or headphones/ect...
    • Nice metal DSL logo on front
    • Soft Felt on inside of case protects DS from scratches

    • Smells bad (it goes away eventually...)
    • Somewhat cheap construction

    ================================================== ===================


    pictures used in this review curtsy of:
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