While we in Europe wait patiently for our pink and blue DS release, timed to coincide with Nintendogs' debut here on October 7, news of another Nintendo handheld bundle is filtering in over yonder US way.
It seems our lucky American comrades are set to see a fancy red DS plop down in stores as part of a bundle deal featuring the upcoming Mario Kart DS on November 14. It's the same version of the handheld that shot out of Nintendo's palpitating manufacturing womb at the launch of Jump Superstars in Japan earlier this year and the Mario Kart bundle is due to retail at 149.99 USD.

There's no word on whether we'll be seeing the red DS in bundle form or otherwise over here, but given that most US DS announcements of late have wriggled their way to Europe pretty swiftly - that price slash and Nintendogs bundle, for instance - it wouldn't surprise us to see a similar deal in our stores eventually.