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Thread: Lockdown v2.1 - Flash0 Based Password Protection

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    psp Lockdown v2.1 - Flash0 Based Password Protection

    Updated release from Torch

    Now fully supports PSP Phat and PSP Slim.

    Lockdown allows you to password protect your PSP from prying eyes.
    It also protects the Recovery Menu so that the protection can't be disabled without considerable effort (or by unbricking).

    Download Lockdown v2.1: (To download click on "Request Ticket". It will change to "Download File".)
    Tested on 3.90M33-3 Phat/Slim.

    * Modern GUI
    * Uses PSP keys like Square, Cross, Circle etc as password, instead of fumbling with an on screen keyboard
    * Fully configurable from the PSP
    * Protects Recovery Menu as well
    * Supports 2 modes of operation: 1st mode will only ask for password when the PSP is rebooted or powered on. 2nd mode will ask for password every time the XMB is launched, such as after quitting a game etc.
    * Application errors (Game could not be started, etc) will be displayed normally in the XMB unlike other password programs which won't display these messages. So you know why you were sent back to the XMB.

    If you have problems getting it to work, you can try using the debug versions from the "debug" folder in the archive. They will display any errors that occur.

    v2.1 Changelog
    Removed a bunch of object files that were accidently linked into the debug version. It shouldn't affect the functionality in anyway though.

    v2.0 Changelog
    Now fully supports PSP Phat and PSP Slim. Uses less RAM as well, so it shouldn't conflict with other plugins. If you have too many plugins enabled for VSH mode it may not work.

    Download Via Comments and Give Feedback

    via torch

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    Default Tried But Still Need Help

    The file recovery.prx id also tobe pasted in the folder"module"? If yes then there is an hindrance tht it asks for the replacement of a file of 25.kb with this 3kb one...

    Help please

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